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[PV] Okamoto’s 「Wanna」feat Rip Slyme.

Okamoto’s feat Rip Slyme, for their new album release「VXV」, and coz Okamoto’s under we lived out Japan can’t watch. So I reupload!


*2nd project for Rip Slyme and Okamato’s, their bassist appearing at [PV]「SLY」by Rip Slyme.

source : natalie

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Have 2 different ending [PV] :D

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Kyary on the November 1, 2013 episode of “Bokura no Ongaku” with RIP SLYME <3

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[LIVE-performance] Rip Slyme - SLY

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In My Life(Remix)feat. PES from Rip Slyme(Bonus Track), From SALU ‘In My Life’ mini Album’s 2013.05.06.

Honestly, The song is good one, addicted the chorus and also Pessy added most beautiful one, ~but SALU voice a bit annoying me at 1st~ Furpect!

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Rip Slyme の18th NEW SINGLEのタイトルは「ロングバケーション」に決定!

税込¥1,050 (税抜き ¥1,000)

1.ロングバケーション (Long Vacation)
2.フラワーチルドレン (Flower Children)

source: RS5 & Tower

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Rip Slyme New Single on May

New single release on May, 22nd & two live perf. will held at CLUB QUATTRO on June, 2nd and 赤坂BLITZ on June, 29th but damn it’s for RSF only (because the capacity?). Source: Today announced from RSF USTREAM &



 *feel free for correcting me


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RIP SLYME x バカボン風 x Tokyo Marathon 2013 POSTER!
かわいい~!PESSY &amp; SU!

RIP SLYME x バカボン風 x Tokyo Marathon 2013 POSTER!

かわいい~!PESSY & SU!

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